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About Me:
Hi, my name is Rosamond (Ros for short) and I live in Ottawa, Ontario (CANADA) with my husband, two young daughters, two King Charles Spaniels (dogs), one Bugg (hi-speed brindle dog that somewhat resembles a mixture of a bat and baby gorilla) and two cats.
My love of jewellery has been heavily influenced by my mother's love of jewellery, stones, and metals.  I have been interested in making jewellery for years (as well as interested in wearing jewellery!) however, this wonderful hobby was really born out of a period of sadness and pain:
In 2004, while 26 weeks pregnant with my eldest daughter, I was struck and thrown 10 feet by a car, while crossing the street.  Alas, while I am grateful that we both survived, it did set off a long winding path filled with chronic pain, and then more recently, terribly debilitating fatigue.  I found myself  exhausted, in pain, incredibly discouraged, and dx with fibromyalgia (in addition to the permanent accident injuries).  At a particularly bleak time, I was strongly encouraged by many, especially my mother (a former nurse) and my pain management specialist, to find a focus that would act as both as a distraction and a form of therapy.  I started by making some simple pieces of jewellery and then moved to wire work.  Given that my hands are often naughty, I quickly realized that I must find a way to create without having to do fine pincher movement.  In came the metalsmithing tools and my love for this art form grew tremendously.
My husband has often said that when I am creating, that the house hums.  On days where I am unable physically to create, I often get pleasure in browsing the web, looking at beautiful cabochons for sale, perhaps watching a jewellery video, or simply contecting with friends, family and clients via email, Facebook and Etsy.
My goal is to share this form of expression with others, by making jewellery and by also always being a student in this incredible art form.
About the name, Jumping Junipers!
Jumping Junipers?  What a funny name?  A bit of an explanation:  Our house was a new build, and before I hit 'the wall' of increased pain and terrible fatigue, we decided to truly splurge and have a professionally designed yard, to replace the  meadow like one that came with the house. 
Weeks turned into months and before I knew it, the end of planting season was upon us.  I took advantage of the plant sales at the local nurseries, and made a series of substitutions for the plants listed on the planting plan....and ended up with at least a dozen junipers for the evergreens component.  One morning, I was having my daily soak with a cup of coffee in our hot tub, when, looking out into the garden, I said to myself, "Jumping Junipers! that is a whole lot of junipers in my yard...."
The silliness of the name makes me smile and I think captures a bit of my humour.  How do junipers relate to jewellery? (no, no evergreens were injured in the creation of my pieces).  Well, they don't.  However, it was while at this house that I turned to jewellery making to chase away the blues, and I associate the two!